It’s not what you think.

By Rebecca Daly
June 27, 2016

You carefully comb the racks of your favorite store looking for a pretty print, a flattering silhouette, and a few back-up sizes just in case a particular brand doesn’t fit the way you expect. Once in the dressing room, you pull on that promising suit, and—voila!—not only does it fit, it looks even better than you expected. All done, right? Wrong.

Just because your suit looks sweet while you’re standing still in front of the mirror doesn’t mean it’s going to fit flawlessly while you’re in motion—and, let’s face it, when there’s nothing but that swimsuit between you and the world, you definitely want it to stay put. So, go ahead and move around a little bit. 

These tips (you can do them all in the privacy of your dressing room) will help the next time you’re in try-on mode:

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