From keeping up with ever-changing trends to revamping your closet to fit a new career (or size), there are tons of ways your wardrobe can become a major money pit. Take control—and get some cash back in the bank—with savvy suggestions from Nayri Leanna Gregor, a shopping expert at, a website that pairs shoppable fashion with money-saving tips and—the best part—coupons.

By Rebecca Daly
Updated August 05, 2015
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Floto + Warner


An addiction to social media can pay off…literally. So you’ll know exactly the right time to strike, sign up to receive your favorite retailer’s newsletter—or better yet, follow the brand’s social media feed—to get the first word on when sales begin and access exclusive coupon codes. Then mark the biggest benchmark sales of the year on your calendar: Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), Green Monday (the second Monday in December), and semi-annual, mid-season sales (usually around July and early January). Can’t wait until then? The best day—of every week—to check for flash sales and deal updates is Friday when most sale events begin.


Take notice of the new trend in town: reversible fashion. What better way to get the most bang for your buck than buying two-for-one? You can find double-sided bathing suits, handbags, dresses, and even jeans.


Prom season ends just as wedding season gears up. While this may not sound particularly relevant, consider this: the prom section (read: cocktail and formal dresses) at retailers like and are heavily discounted once dance season ends, so look to these stores to score beautiful wedding-worthy dresses at super-low prices.


Never the leave the promo code box empty when buying items online. Most major retailers offer savings and discounts via third-party websites, like, so you can quickly surf through hundreds of stores and thousands of promos for additional savings. Can’t find what you’re looking for there? Try putting the name of the brand you’re shopping for plus the word “coupon” into Google.


It’s much easier than it sounds to upcycle the things you already have in your closet by learning a few skills from the pros. Take advantage of the vast network of helpful DIY style bloggers out there. Just check out this quick tutorial by A Beautiful Mess that results in $14 handmade espadrilles!