This Nap Dress Is So Comfortable, It's the Only Thing I Ever Want to Put On

I live with a chronic illness, and it's the only dress I'll wear in public during a flare-up.

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Hill House Dresses

Florals for spring might not be groundbreaking, but a prairie-style dress that you can wear comfortably indoors and out? Now, that's revolutionary.

Thankfully, the breezy-yet-sophisticated dress of your dreams actually exists. Hill House Home's Instagram-famous Nap Dress is touted as a hybrid garment that you can "wear all day and night," and in the new work-from-home climate, it's exactly the type of outfit you can pop on before an important Zoom call and then easily transition back to relaxing on the couch.

"As a homebody, I want to feel as comfortable and stylish in my home as I do when I go out," Hill House Home founder and CEO Nell Diamond tells Real Simple. "Before creating the Nap Dress, which took us 18 months to perfect, there was nothing in my wardrobe that served both purposes. That's what makes the Nap Dress so unique, and so universal at the same time."

As Diamond puts it, the Nap Dress collection, which has currently expanded to five different styles, combines comfort, style, and value. The dresses currently range from $75 to $225, with new collections dropping throughout the year. In late April, the brand will release their Tiny collection, which will include kid-sized Nap dresses, and sweaters that match adult sizes. In May, the brand plans to release a special Bridal collection, with plenty more surprises to come over the summer.

Hill House Dresses

To buy: The Nesli Nap Dress, $125;

"I want people to feel pulled together and comfortable," Diamond says of her favorite garment. "Nothing makes me happier than hearing about where and why women wear their Nap Dress; home from the hospital with a new baby, on an important work Zoom, or just hanging around the house. I love how the Nap Dress can be part of both big life moments and the everyday ones, too."

People love their Nap Dresses so much, the average customer owns at least three (or more!) of the product in different styles and colors. It's a trademarked design that generates top sales for the brand and continues to make waves across social platforms.

Hill House Dresses The Ellie Nap Dress

To buy: The Ellie Nap Dress, $125;

For me, in particular, the Nesli Nap Dress is a simple way for me to look put-together during a flare-up. As a person living with a chronic intestinal illness, my weight can fluctuate almost overnight as my lower abdomen swells. When this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to wear jeans and most dresses, as they pinch tightly at the waist. I was hesitant to purchase a Nap Dress at first, but it's quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.

Currently, the Nap Dress is the only item of clothing that I'll wear when I have significant bloating or pain in my lower abdomen. Its design means there are no painful waistbands, and the loose, flowy bottom means I can easily hide the inflammation in my gut.

Not only is it the perfect dress for my condition, it's super chic and can effortlessly transition from work (pending return to the office) to dinner out. Heck, it's cozy enough to sleep in, should you be too tired from an outing to slip into pajamas.

Overall, the Nap Dress is easy to fall in love with. It's whimsical and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Plus, since there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, there's truly something for everyone. Shop the Nap Dress at Hill House Home—just be warned, you'll never want to take it off.

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