Whether you’re taking the stage to receive your diploma or taking a seat to cheer on a grad, high school and college commencements call for an ensemble that balances formal and fun. Here, a few outfits that will earn you one final A+.

If you’ll be receiving your diploma, chances are you’ll be in a gown—take your school colors into account to avoid a chromatic clash (also bear in mind that those polyester gowns act as insulation, so if your commencement will be taking place outside and the weather calls for warm temps, plan on wearing something lightweight and breezy underneath).

Guests of grads aren’t off the hook either. You may not be the “main attraction,” but you will make an appearance in many a photo, so an equally appropriate outfit is a must.

Not sure what to wear? Celebrate in style with one of these warm-weather ready graduation outfit ideas.

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