REAL SIMPLE. REAL expert Sam Saboura swears by clear double-sided Topstick Fashion-Fix tape. He keeps a pack at home, a pack in his car, and a pack in his styling kit. Here are a few of his tape tricks.

By Real Simple
Updated October 03, 2008
Fashion Fix Body Tape
Credit: Topstick
  • Prevent the buttons on a shirt from pulling and gaping. Peel off the backing of a skinny piece of Topstick Fashion-Fix tape. Stick the tape onto the placket of the shirt between the two offending buttons. Peel off the remaining backing, making sure not to touch the tape, since the natural oils on your hands will reduce the stickiness. Button your shirt as usual and press the tape into place.
  • Keep a collar in place. Peel the back off a piece of Topstick Fashion-Fix tape, flip up your collar and place the tape in a diagonal line from the point of the collar down to the neckline. Peel off the remaining backing and fold your collar down. Give it a little press and your collar will stay put all day long.
  • Seal a broken zipper down into place by sticking the zipper seam to the fabric.
  • Attach your bra strap to your tank top to keep it from playing peek-a-boo.
  • Turn a hem under on a pair of too-long jeans or slacks.
  • Stick peeling wallpaper back onto a wall.
  • Cover cleavage when you're showing too much skin by adjusting the fabric of your garment and sticking it into place.
  • Secure pesky clothing tags that have a habit of popping out.
  • Tape down those looped strings on the interior shoulders of garments that are used for hanging. (No need to cut them out anymore!)