I spent all my time either yanking my leggings up or worrying that they were see-through—until I found this pair.

By Hannah Norling
Updated February 28, 2018
Outdoor Voices

I have a beef with leggings, because here's the thing: I have a big butt. In comparison, my waist is smaller. With most leggings, I'm either constantly pulling them up or spending my entire workout worrying that the fabric is stretched so thin you can see right through it. It's freaking frustrating.

I honestly thought I was just going to have to deal with never having a pair of leggings that fit correctly, and then I discovered Outdoor Voices. The Austin-based workout brand is popular with the athleisure set, and the reviews online are glowing. After carefully combing the site, I landed on the Tech Sweat ¾ Legging and purchased a pair.

I kept waiting for it to happen—that feeling that my leggings were slipping down and I needed to tug them up, but it never did. I wore the leggings all day and didn’t have to touch them once. These leggings feel like a second, more comfortable skin while still offering plenty of support. The fabric has four-way stretch, so it moves with you. And you know what that means: No. More. Yanking. If you have a leggings beef (like me), or if you’re ready for leggings with a better fit, try the Outdoor Voices Tech Sweat. You'll never go back.