Harden your sartorial resolve with one—or a few—of these stylish vows. Each of these small (read: easily achievable) pledges offer big results, so this can be your best dressed, most budget-friendly, and low stress year yet.
Extra closet rod with clothes
Credit: Floto + Warner
Extra closet rod with clothes
Credit: Floto + Warner

1 Spend Wisely

Less is more in every sense. Curb the urge to drop a few dollars here and there on cheap, impulse buys. Instead, put that money toward a more expensive, well made classic you know you’ll own and wear for years to come. While dropping more dollars on one article may feel counterintuitive at first, it’s sure to be something that won’t end up in the donation bin or be relegated to that pile of shoes that are too painful to wear.

2 Get Your Closet In Shape

The downfall of many a resolution—from fitness regimes to philanthropic pursuits—is improper organization, so start your year off right with a well-planned space for your wardrobe. Once there is a designated place for everything (and everything is in its place), you’ll know at a glance what you have to work with—and what you’re missing. The key is to find a system that works for you, and one you can actually stick with. Ready to get started? Click here for 31 of our most inspiring closet-organizing tips.

3 Take a Risk

Everyone falls into a style rut at some point. If your winter wardrobe consists of more oversized sweaters and leggings than you’d realized, now is the time to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. Take a stab at a tempting trend (one instance in which budget buys can be good!) or play with a silhouette you don’t usually wear. Even if you don’t stick with the new style, thinking outside of the box will get your creative juices flowing.

4 Find Your Personal Style

When you know what you like—and what looks great on you—getting dressed in the morning is a breeze (instead of a hurricane that rips through your wardrobe and spews the contents all over your bedroom.) Take stock of the items you find yourself wearing the most often, noting shape, color, pattern, and style to see if there is a common thread. Having a good grip on your signature style will not only make shopping and getting dressed more fun, it will also ease the pain of cleaning out and organizing your closet.

5 Get Fit

No, this does not involve logging any hours at the gym. Many women wear shoes that are too big, bras that are too small, and other clothing that just isn’t the right size. Take advantage of the employees who are waiting to help you the next time you go shopping. Most lingerie stores will happily do a bra fitting at no charge, many sports equipment stores can analyze your gait to provide running shoes that give you customized support, and even the sales people at your local mall are trained to know which styles in their store work for which body types. Once you’ve found a brand and size that's just right? Become a loyalist, and you’ll always have a fail-proof shopping strategy.