On days when you want nothing more than to throw on a swimsuit and lay by the pool (but can’t), here are six airy pieces to help you beat the heat.

By Caroline Vazzana

Though we look forward to the never-ending summer days all winter long, one thing we could honestly live without is the humidity. Navigating a city—or anywhere, for that matter—on a sweltering summer day is no easy feat. With early morning temperatures starting at 90 degrees and making their way up and over 100, one has to do anything they can to stay cool. From avoiding over-packed subway cars to drinking iced coffees, we’re willing to try everything and anything to cool off, even just a little. But, when all else fails, the one easy thing you can always do to stay cool is dress in the perfect pieces for hot weather—think cool cotton blouses and light linen pants. Here, some of our favorites. 

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