It’s quickly become a work-from-home staple.

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At this point, I’m hoping you’ve at least heard of Eberjey, the brand that makes the most luxurious-feeling pajama set—maybe heard of, but decided not to splurge on. I get it, but take it from someone who’s not even a pajama-set person, they do not disappoint. I am, however, a bralette person, and the work-from-home lifestyle has only emphasized this. I’m a firm believer that not all bralettes are created equal; from the style to the fabric, finding the perfect everyday bralette is really a matter of personal preference. 

Well, it seems the Eberjey Pima Goddess Everyday Plunge “Bra” found me, not the other way around. I put bra in quotes because normally I wouldn’t consider purchasing an item labeled as such. But don’t let the word detract you from ultimate comfort—this is a bralette. The only words you need to concern yourself with in that mouthful of a product name are “pima,” “goddess,” and “everyday” because, yes, pima cotton is the ultra-soft fabric Eberjey uses for its pajamas; you will feel like a goddess (a slightly more put-together one) wearing this “bra,” and ultimately, it will become the lingerie you grab for day after day. 

While some of my other bralettes have become stretched out and a bit worse for wear after daily use, the beauty of this one is in its substantiality. It’s not just one thin piece of fabric and a chest band; it has a hook-and-eye closure, adjustable straps (!!), and yes, even a pretty little scalloped edge. There are definitely indoor bralettes and bralettes you wouldn’t think twice about throwing a tank top over and hitting Sephora. This is the latter, my friends. 

Plus, through some unknown magic—though there’s no underwire to be found—this bra somehow has enough support for literally every activity besides burpees. Take it from one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer who says, “I am 100 percent devoted to these bras TIL I DIE Y'ALL.” I’m on her team. 

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