It’s weird, yet looks oh so cozy.

By Sarah Yang
Updated December 11, 2017
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Dukyana Tube Scarf

If you remember, last year's blanket of the moment was a chunky wool version that was arm-knitted. Now, there’s a new “viral” knitted piece that is equally cozy, but definitely way more bizarre. A gigantic “tube scarf” has appeared all over the Internet in the past couple of days and we can see why people are both intrigued and amused by the product.

The full-length scarves are made by Eastern European knitwear brand, Dukyana. They look like a cross between a tube sock, dress, and sleeping bag. The scarf is made of mohair and comes in four colors: beige, blue, gray, and red. The large/extra-large version runs a whopping eight feet long. Based on the photos on the website, you can wear it folded over, or pull the piece over your head if you’re feeling antisocial. It retails from $280-330, but the beige, red, and blue are currently not in stock—you’ll have to pre-order and it will be delivered in 10-14 days.

While it might be difficult to wear out in public as it doesn’t have arms or armholes—and might draw some interesting attention—it could be perfect for a day of lounging on the couch while bingeing on your favorite Netflix show. You’d be fully cocooned in the cozy knitted piece.

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If this knitted scarf isn’t your thing, Dukyana also offers plenty of other knitted wares on its site and Etsy shop. You can choose from blankets, legwarmers, mittens, and sweaters.