7 Best Clothing Brands for Super Sensitive Skin

If you have hidradenitis suppurativa, eczema, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis, these clothes can help.

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Girlfriend Collective

People with sensitive skin already know how important it is to use non-irritating, gentle skincare ingredients. In the same way you have to be selective about topical products, it's a smart idea to wear clothing ideal for sensitive skin.

"Synthetic fibers are more commonly the cause of irritation (like redness and itching). These fibers include rayon, nylon, polyester, rubber, and spandex," says Lina Kennedy, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Corona Del Mar, Calif. Conversely, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk generally aren't irritating.

Ingredients added to clothing during the manufacturing process can cause even more severe reactions for those with sensitive skin. "Usually, these reactions are due to clothing finishing with formaldehyde (anti-wrinkle), dyes, glues, and chemical additives and tanning agents used in processing the fabric or clothing," says Dr. Kennedy. "Metallic fasteners and elastic can also be another cause of contact dermatitis.

If you're prone to textile contact dermatitis, the best solution is to avoid irritating fabrics and allergens. Below we've rounded up seven clothing brands that are best for sensitive skin to help jumpstart your skin-friendly wardrobe. P.S. Make sure to use hypoallergenic, non-scented, dye-free detergents when laundering.


Pact Fit & Flare Strappy Midi Dress


Based in Boulder, Colo., Pact makes and sells certified organic cotton clothing that's free of chemicals and pesticides. The brand also uses a chemical-free dyeing and growing processes, and all its products are manufactured in fair trade certified factories. The majority of Pact's products are made with 100 percent cotton, though sometimes additional materials—such as elastane or hemp—are found in products like leggings or dresses to provide more stretch and texture. (Bonus: Pact sells bedding and clothing for babies, too).

Try: Fit & Flare Strappy Midi Dress

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fischer Washed Organic Linen Delave Wide-Leg Pant

Eileen Fischer

Known for its simple essentials, luxury fashion brand Eileen Fisher is also boldly committed to human rights, inclusivity, and environmentally savvy production and materials. Because the brand uses Bluesign certified dyes and responsible fibers—including regenerative wool, organic linen, and organic cotton—you'll find that many of its garments are suitable for sensitive skin. The linen capsule collection is especially noteworthy for its easy pairing and carefree silhouettes—perfect for spring and summer.

Try: Washed Organic Linen Delave Wide-Leg Pant

MATE The Label

MATE The Label Linen Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

MATE The Label

MATE's so proud of its sustainable, natural fabric portfolio that it lists all its textile heroes right out in the open. The portfolio includes organic jersey, organic terry, Tencel, linen, organic thermal, and slub (woven thick yarn). The bulk of the ingredients used to create these fabrics are grown without pesticides and are then dyed using low-impact dyes in a Los Angeles facility. We love that MATE also embraces a "wrinkled" aesthetic instead of using chemicals to straighten its fabrics.

Try: Linen Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

Grey State Apparel

Grey State Apparel Milk Modal Dream Tee

Grey State Apparel

Sustainability is at the top of Grey State Apparel's priority list, a factor which often goes hand-in-hand with an ingredient roster and manufacturing process ideal for sensitive skin types. In addition, the company is owned and operated by women and its products are fair trade. One collection that's particularly notable is the brand's Wellness Collection, which is comprised of fabrics that are super soft and sensitive skin friendly. Some items even boast skin-nourishing ingredients, such as collagen and hydrating amino acids.

Try: Milk Modal Dream Tee

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Oyster Cupro High Neck Tank

Girlfriend Collective

With one of the most robust size offerings of any athletic wear company and high-quality clothing that won't betray you during the sweatiest workout, Girlfriend Collective is a natural choice for many. The inclusive brand is also one of the best for people with sensitive skin, especially if your primary concern is chemical processing and irritating dyes. All its clothing is made from recycled, responsible materials and dyed with eco-friendly dyes.

Try: Oyster Florence Tank

Two Days Off

Two Days Off Jordan Dress in Jersey

Two Days Off

With its focus squarely on climate and sustainability, Two Days Off boasts a broad selection of chic clothing that's ideal for sensitive skin. The founder, who is also a geologist and earth scientist, opted for natural fibers over synthetics since they had a lower impact on the planet and because they tend to be more durable. The garments are chic and breezy, easy to mix and match, and can easily be dressed up or down.

Try: Two Days Off Jordan Dress in Jersey

Pyne & Smith Clothier

Pyne Smith Clothier Model No.11 Dress

Pyne Smith Clothier

Not able to find her own comfortable, yet still timeless and fashion-forward dresses, Pyne & Smith Clothier founder began making her own. Shortly after, she began selling them at a market in Los Angeles, found success, and hired seamstresses to continue making her garments on a larger scale. The brand prioritizes not just simplicity, but ethics and sustainability. All products are made from 100 percent European flax linen, a natural fiber that's durable and soft. The brand also uses low-impact dyes and avoids harmful chemicals and softeners.

Try: Model No.11 Dress

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