Bathleisure Is the Lazy Girl Trend We're Not Ashamed to Love

Combining the words "bath" and "leisure," bathleisure is the Instagram fashion trend that's all about comfort.

Woman in Robe
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Finally, there's a fashion trend for those of us who prefer robes over skinny jeans any day: bathleisure. Combining the words "bath" and "athleisure," this new style of dress is all about turning your favorite post-bath accessories (from a robe to a plush towel) into all-day wear. And yes, we fully support it.

Although bathleisure attire may seem unrealistic for actually leaving the house, Rihanna showed us all how it's done when she wore a bright towel on her head, along with a bright yellow jacket, on the cover of Vogue Paris. Since then, celebrities like Rita Ora havewalked the red carpet in robes and shared their very own "bathleisure" shots, inspiring one writer to delve into the complex American history of the headwrap.

Bathleisure reminds us a lot of the Scandinavian trends hygge and niksen because there's something incredibly calming and chic about owning a look you mostly keep in private. Bathleisure is here to remind us that looking instantly done up doesn't just happen. If you're looking to try this fun instagram trend, try putting on accessories and makeup on first, finishing your hair last. Snap some pictures of the process and see if it makes you feel differently. Sometimes a new perspective is all your need to shake up your morning routine or start off your night, relaxed.

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