I Have Perennially Cold Feet, and These Ultra-Soft Socks Are the Only Ones That Keep Them Warm

They’re like blankets just for your feet.
By Nina Huang
September 30, 2020
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Credit: nordstrom.com

Transitional weather is often difficult to shop for, nevermind in the middle of a pandemic. I, like so many others, had to readjust my lifestyle habits when New York City went into lockdown in March, and I switched from browsing for office-appropriate outfits to comfy at-home basics that I would be happy to wear all day. I thought I was done optimizing my closet by the end of summer, but when the first chill of the season landed a few weekends ago, I realized it was time for another overhaul. 

Instead of breathable loungewear and underwear, I turned my attention to cozy, hygge-embracing essentials. My first target was something that I’ve struggled to get right for years: Socks. Anyone who deals with perennially cold feet like I do understands just how frustrating it is when the rest of your body is toasty, but your feet remain freezing (no matter how long you blast them with a space heater). I own multiple pairs of wool socks, but sometimes even with two pairs on, my toes stay so cold that I have to add hand warmers into my shoes. 

I had all but given up on finding good socks when I discovered that Barefoot Dreams—the celebrity-loved brand that makes what I consider the perfect blanket for transitional weather—makes a super cozy knit pair. Since Barefoot Dreams already makes some of my favorite comfy items, I hoped its socks would be just as great. 

Spoiler alert: They were. Like every other Barefoot Dreams product, these socks are unbelievably soft—so much so that I may have rubbed them on my cheeks the very first time they came out of my dryer, all toasty and warm. As crew socks, they come up just below my calves, making them ideal for pairing with short pajama bottoms that I wear to avoid overheating at night. And unlike other socks I’ve tried, they’re able to keep my toes warm without being so stifling that I sweat right through them. I’ve washed them multiple times since, and even when I machine-dried them in high temperatures against their instructions (whoops), they stayed just as soft and didn’t lose their shape. 

I’m not the only one who’s obsessed: Nordstrom shoppers gave the plush socks an overall near-perfect 4.8-star rating from over 250 reviews, with one reviewer calling them “pure luxury for your tootsies.” 

You can grab a pair (or two) of the socks for just $15 at Nordstrom. In fact, I’d recommend grabbing multiple. They’re bound to be all you want to wear around the house during the colder months, and they’d make a great gift, too. 

Credit: nordstrom.com

To buy: $15; nordstrom.com.