With designs becoming more and more office friendly, why not add comfort to your work wardrobe?

By Anneke Knot
Updated February 27, 2019
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Girl Working Out
Credit: kitandace.com

Say "goodbye" to pencil skirts and ill-fitting trousers, to stiff button down blouses and dresses with no give. Work wear is in desperate need of a makeover, and we have an idea that we think you are going to like.

Newsflash: People want to feel more comfortable at work (can you blame them?), and the same old black dress pants and itchy sweaters are not cutting it anymore. There’s a reason you love your weekend uniform. It's comfortable, stretchy, and super cute.

Picture your favorite weekend pieces becoming the new business casual. Hey, you already wear athleisure for most occasion, why not make it work appropriate?

Big athleisure brands heard you loud and clear, it seems. Instead of simply creating another pair of black leggings, these brands are breaking into the realm of everyday clothing. On your next trip to Athleta, you may discover a business casual blouse among the sea of cropped leggings.

Though many brands do not yet have work collections, plenty of their pieces have workday potential. Sure, maybe your office isn’t ready for a leggings and a crop top look, but with a little styling, your favorite weekend lounge pieces can become business chic.

Athleta Round Trip Shirt
Credit: Athleta

Begin With the Blouse 

A white blouse is a staple around the office. Not only is it work appropriate, but it matches almost everything. Think about your white blouse, and now make it better. 

To buy: Athleta Round Trip Shirt ($89; athleta.com

Lululemon Leggings
Credit: Lululemon Athletica

Replace Your Leggings with...Leggings 

If you're looking for ways to introduce comfort to your work wear, the easiest place to start is by upgrading your everyday staples. Time to trash the ill-fitting leggings or holey tights. Instead, replace those with a pair of your favorite athletic leggings. 

To buy: Lululemon Wunder Under Super High Rise Full-On Luon ($98; lululemon.com)

Sweaty Betty Sweater
Credit: Sweaty Betty

Upgrade Your Work Sweater 

After the summer months have passed, we bid adieu to our tank tops and short sleeves for the rest of the year. Say "hello" to the box filled with sweaters. This year, it is time for an upgrade. Psst, many of your favorite athleisure brands make sweaters, and they are really comfortable. Don't worry, we won't tell your boss. It will be our comfy, little secret. 

To buy: Sweaty Betty Woodland Knitted Sweater ($190; sweatybetty.com

Athleta Dress
Credit: Athleta

Rethink the Work Dress 

Athleisure dresses are nothing new, but wearing them to work is. Pair this red mini with a pair of wedges and some dangling earrings (check out my favorite brand handlesbeforehumans). 

To buy: Athleta Santorini High Neck Solid Dress ($89; athleta.com)

Kit and Ace Pant
Credit: Kit + Ace

Make Pant Progress 

The toughest part of the work wardrobe is definitely the pant, a.k.a. the enemy of the stretch. Thankfully, things do not have to be that bad. Look for the moisture-wicking, adjustable waistband of a big-lunch-friendly pant. 

To Buy: Kit + Ace Women's Navigator Stretch Trouser ($138; kitandace.com)