They have more than 375 five-star reviews.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 03, 2018
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As the latest artic blast hits the U.S., you might be finding out that those loosely-woven drugstore checkout gloves aren’t cutting it in below-zero temperatures. Thankfully, Amazon Prime is a thing, and if you order a new pair right now, you can get them delivered to you by this weekend. Not sure what to get? If you’re one to trust other Amazon users, these polar fleece gloves by OZERO seem like the way to go. Not only are they incredibly well-rated, with hundreds of positive reviews, they're also the best-selling winter gloves for men and women on Amazon at time of writing.

What’s so great about this glove? Though reviewers say the $19 pair are a little bulky, they forgive the heft for the unbelievable effects of the glove’s material layering. The outside is made of polar fleece, which retains heat without adding too much weight. Inside is a layer of waterproof TPU, which prevents water from seeping in when you're handling snow. Beneath that is a sponge layer that protects against wind, and underneath that are two cotton layers that provide extra insulation and comfort.

Reviewers also sing the praises of the knitted cuff at the glove's bottom that effectively keeps cold air from seeping in between coat sleeve and glove. Plus, both palms of the gloves feature a sueded leather patch to help you grip everything from a steering wheel to a snow shovel.

Still not sure they’ll be up against the bone-chilling cold expected? One five-star verified purchase came from a Wisconsin man who wrote, “it has been -20 and -25 [degrees] this week… I was very impressed with [the gloves]. Very warm, soft, and well built.”

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