Stash these clothing-rescue supplies in a drawer, your car’s glove compartment, or the hallway closet.

By Sharon Tanenbaum and Ashley Tate
Updated January 19, 2009
Wardrobe fix-it kit
Credit: Aya Brackett

Safety Pins

Keep things together when your waistband button pops or a dress strap comes unstitched.

Instant Stain Remover

Treats tough, dried-on stains, including coffee, ketchup, and chocolate. (Try Tide To Go, from $4 at supermarkets.)

Garment Tape

Holds up a fallen pant hem―and might save you from taking a nasty spill. (Available at craft stores.)

Button Pins

Slip one into your buttonhole so you can temporarily skip the business of threading a needle. (Try Fast Fix Buttons, $5,

Seltzer and Blotting Cloth

Pretreat small spills immediately so they don’t become permanent stains.


Rescue you when workday pumps give you blisters or burning soles.

Other Items to Include

Moleskin (to prevent blisters), clear nail polish (to stop a run in your stockings), static remover (to get rid of static cling instantly), and a seam ripper (to remove an annoying tag).