Steaming your clothes will no longer be a boring chore with this pretty device.  

By Madison Alcedo
April 17, 2019
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If you’re like me and hate wrinkles on practically any item of clothing (yes, I hate wrinkles on T-shirts, too), you might be familiar with quickly steaming your clothes instead of breaking out a clunky ironing board and iron. Steaming can be a super quick way to give your garments a refresh in between washes or help get those tough wrinkles out—you know, the kind that happens when something falls down in the back of your closet and gets super wrinkly. Plus, fashion industry professionals have used steaming for years as a trick to help brighten the colors of textiles, so it’s really a win-win all around.

There’s an art to steaming, however, and we just found the chicest steamer on Amazon to help you get the job done. Created in Sweden in 2014, the Steamery steamer is the perfect mix of  minimalist Scandinavian design and tech gadget that will help make steaming easier and faster. While it just might be one of the most stylish laundry devices on the market, it is also very effective.

After replacing my old steamer with the Steamery, I was hooked after a few uses! It’s surprisingly very lightweight, and it heats up seconds after filling the water tank and turning it on. The one downfall is that you have to hold down the button to continuously release steam, but I do love that it is still small enough to bring along while traveling.

But if you’re a first-timer to the steamer world, there are a few simple hacks you should know before using the Steamery. First be sure to find somewhere in your home that you can easily hang your clothing item vertically where the steam won’t affect anything else—I always use my shower rod. Grab your garment at the bottom, pull down, and press the steamer against the fabric. And to make sure the wrinkles won’t come back, you can steam from the inside, which is also an easier way to apply pressure.  

To make sure you don’t burn yourself in the process, the Steamery comes with a handy heat protection bag that you can essentially use as a glove in order to apply even more pressure for the most precise steam. It’s also a good way to smooth out hard-to-steam wrinkles on heavier textiles—it’ll create that fresh-pressed look from the dry cleaners, too! And if you want that crisp feeling on pants or shirt collars, try steaming horizontally on an ironing board with a towel underneath your garment. With the Steamery, you don’t have to be scared to steam more delicate fabrics like silk or viscose—use the included brush attachment so that the steamer doesn’t directly touch your clothes.

You know it’s a sign of growing up when you get excited about a clothes steamer, right? But we can’t help but love one that’s super chic and also helps make your life easier. Available on Amazon, you can shop the Steamery in pink or black below—it’s the perfect addition to your laundry room that you never knew you needed.

Steamery Steamer 

To buy: $130;

Photos: Courtesy of Steamery