Stain Removal for Clothing

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How to Remove Every Kind of Holiday Stain

The turkey is in the oven, the guests are at the door, and—oh no!—there’s a cranberry-sauce spill on your white tablecloth. Keep these quick fixes and post-party formulas handy to bring clothing, upholstery, and linens back to life.

Drew Barrymore’s Favorite Stain Remover Is Less Than $3

One of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars is particularly thrifty when it comes to her laundry.

How Can I Save My Wet Suede Jacket?

Use these three steps to save a suede jacket or suede shoes that have gotten wet.

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How to Remove Water Stains From Suede

Spilled water on your suede jacket or shoes? Here’s how to remove those dark stains and get your suede accessories looking like new again.

How to Save Money on Dry-Cleaning

An anonymous dry-cleaning store manager shares the secrets to cutting your dry-cleaning bill.