How to Fix a Snag in a Sweater

A snag in your favorite sweater doesn’t have to mean a trip to the tailor―or the donation pile. In just two quick steps you can fix any knit.

If sweater repair—mainly, fixing a snag in a sweater—were easy, anyone could do it, right? Well, we have good news: Anyone can learn how to fix a snag in a sweater in two easy steps. Watch our video to learn how to fix a sweater that's unraveling, or read on for the tools you need and the steps you need to take to fix that snag and get your favorite oversized sweater in tip-top shape again.

How to Fix a Snag in a Sweater

What you need

  • Sewing needle (or crochet hook)
  • Clear nail polish


  1. Push or pull the snag through the sweater. Using a sewing needle, push the scraggly bit of the snag through to the inside of the sweater. If the snag's too big to grab this way, turn the sweater inside out and use a crochet hook to tug the strands to the inside.

    Tip: Don't cut the snag's strands; you might create a hole.
  2. Knot the snag. Keep the snag at bay by tying it in a knot. Dabbing the knot with clear nail polish will stop it from unraveling, but make sure the knit is thick enough to prevent any polish from bleeding through to the sweater's front.
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