Make fabric pilling a thing of the past with this $17 tool that's an Amazon best seller.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated January 10, 2019
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Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Buy a brand new sweater and you can guarantee that within just a few wears, your once pristine winter look will be pilled beyond belief. Fabric pilling happens to even the most high-end purchases—couches and cashmere included—yet it's an inescapable effect of daily wear and tear that seems unavoidable. Fortunately, a simple fix exists for unsightly pilling, and it doesn't require you to banish worn-out knitwear to the back of your closet.

Enter the Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver ($17,—a handheld lint remover that's bound to become a new staple in your linen closet. The two-speed fabric shaver effectively removes piled up lint and fluff without causing further damage to any and all garments in need of a little TLC. If sweaters are your concern, this affordable gadget has it handled, plus it promises to revive everything from upholstery to bedsheets. You can even put the fabric shaver to work on throw blankets, leggings, wool coats or any other cozy essential that calls for extra wear during winter months.


Three shave heights allow you to adjust the tool to various types of delicate fabrics, and the gadget features built-in protection to keep hands safe from the shaver foil. It's cordless too, making the fabric shaver a fitting choice for stashing in your suitcase, purse or desk for emergency touch-ups. To use it, simply glide the shaver over the fabric you want to renew, and watch as lint and bobbles gather in the tool's fluff collector.

With over 1,000 positive reviews, it appears that purchasers are on board with this Amazon bestseller. "This is the best Amazon purchase I've ever made," wrote one reviewer. "This little machine is no joke—my couch was gnarly and pilled, and I swear it looks brand new." Another reviewer expressed initial hesitations, writing, "I was skeptical about ordering this, but I'm more than pleased with its performance. I even used it on throw pillows and my daughter's stuffed animal without any issues."

Interested in trying the tool for yourself? Order it on Amazon here, and prepare to breathe new life into your wardrobe.