Don't trash your favorite sweater because of a few holes. Try these easy fixes instead.

By Andra Chantim
Updated August 19, 2013
Illustration: woman holding up sweater with holes
Credit: Peter Oumanski

“I found a hole in my favorite cashmere sweater.”

Bev Kodak, via e-mail

The fix: With a Woolfiller kit ($36,, you don’t need to be handy with a needle and thread, says Kristin Nicholas, a knitting expert on public television’s Knit and Crochet Now! The kit includes two felting needles and several colors of balled wool. (You can use the same kit for many repairs; the whole process takes about five minutes.) Choose the closest color wool (or try a contrasting shade for a fun pop), then follow the simple directions to create a patch. For a more seamless repair, mail your garment to Alterknit (, where fabric experts will “reknit” your sweater—that is, remove yarn from a hidden seam and use it to fill the hole. The service starts at $45 and takes two to six weeks to complete.

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