Basic Sewing Kit Essentials Checklist

What you need to make quick repairs.

Thread and sewing needle
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  • Needles in an assortment of sizes

  • Thread (stock at least a black, a gray, a cream, and a denim-stitch gold)

  • Needle threader, so you won't need to squint as you thread the needle

  • Safety pins: hefty steel ones for big jobs and small brass ones to close littler gaps

  • Buttons in a mix of styles: small white shirt buttons; large, dark ones for coats; and medium-size trouser buttons

  • Hem tape for needle-free repairs

  • Velcro (patches or strips with adhesive for temporary fixes; iron- or sew-on styles for more lasting fastening)

  • Patches (to save torn jeans and trousers instantly)

  • Scissors

  • Thimble, a must not just to protect thumbs but also to help you force a needle or a pin through heavy fabric

  • Pincushion

  • Tape measure

  • Seam ripper, for do-overs when you need to remove errant stitches

  • Snap pliers, to help replace snaps or grommets

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