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The Best Places to Shop When You’re Not Sure If You’re Plus-Size

Anyone who hovers around a size 14 has been there: you’re shopping at a “straight-size” store where you’ve successfully purchased clothing in their largest size before, but, because their sizing is inconsistent (and whose isn’t these days?), the item you have your eye on today is a skosh too small... and there’s no option in a size up.

It happens at the “plus-size” stores, too. Sometimes their smallest size fits you, but a good percentage of the time, if you find something you love, you’d have to get it tailored.

It can be incredibly frustrating to straddle the straight-plus fence, but, luckily, a growing number of retailers have stopped drawing a line in the sand right at size 14. Instead of that being the largest or smallest size available in a given store, it’s just one more size in a wider array, allowing shoppers to size up or down when necessary so they no longer have to give up on an item they have their heart set on.

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