Help prevent the spread of coronavirus by wearing a mask when out in public.

By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
Updated July 08, 2020
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Even though so many different retailers are making cloth face masks, you may have noticed that a lot of options are on backorder or sold out. So if you still need a face mask to do your part in preventing the spread of coronavirus, we’ve got good news: Amazon has many cloth masks and face coverings in stock, so you can easily add one to your next order.  

While the retailer has many types of masks available to buy online, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends covering your mouth and nose with a cloth face mask whenever you need to be around other people (like at the grocery store, for example). For the best protection, the CDC also advises wearing face masks that are made of multiple layers of tightly woven cotton.

If you’re looking for a great value, the most affordable option on Amazon is this pack of 50 cotton masks—each one comes out to just 62 cents. But other face coverings are sold individually, including one with a pretty floral design and another that has a pocket for a filter (which can add more protection). And be sure to keep a few different ones in your rotation so that you always have a clean option ready when you need to leave the house. 

P.S.: Since cloth face masks are in such high demand, some products on this list may sell out. We’ll be sure to update this story as more masks become available. Shop the 11 most popular face masks and coverings available on Amazon below while they’re still in stock.

Made with two layers of soft cotton, these face masks feature an adjustable nose bridge to help you get the best fit. Since the masks are 3-D (rather than a flat piece of fabric), it’ll help prevent gaps on the sides that might allow particles to escape. Plus, shoppers say this feature helps prevent their glasses from fogging up.

To buy: $24 (was $35) for 4;

These simple cotton masks come in packs of 50 so you never have to be without a clean mask. They’re made of three layers, but shoppers say the material still feels soft and stretchy so you get a comfortable fit. They’re also super affordable since they come out to just 62 cents each. “I have tried many styles of masks in recent weeks, and these are the best by far,” wrote one customer. “[They’re] very breathable, comfortable, and well-made.”

To buy: $31 for 50;

Most cloth face masks are only available in solid colors, but this one comes in a pretty floral pattern. It features two layers of cotton and a built-in filter inside that helps block particles, while the adjustable ear ties and expandable pleats ensure that you get a snug fit. “The tiny blue flowers make it look more feminine and not so medical. I absolutely loved it,” one shopper wrote. 

To buy: $17;

Made of soft cotton fabric, these New Republic face masks are a great no-frills option. Reviewers say the masks are well-made, comfortable, and a good value for how affordable they are. “They are soft and fit well and should be comfortable to wear all day long if necessary,” wrote one reviewer.    

To buy: $12 for 3;

If you’re looking for a face covering that offers more protection, opt for this one from Auliné Collection. You can easily insert a filter into the specially designed pocket to help filter out even more particles—just note that they’re sold separately. 

To buy: From $10;

Shoppers not only love the stylish look of these breathable cotton face masks (they look like denim!), but also the behind-the-ear tie closures. The ties allow you to easily customize the fit, which helps prevent any pain associated with elastic bands being too tight. 

To buy: $14 for 3;

This reusable mask from Tart Collections is an Amazon customer favorite. The inside of each mask features two layers of 100 percent cotton, and shoppers say it feels comfortable enough to wear for hours. It comes in five different patterns, and you can choose whether or not yours has a small American flag logo (they’re made in the U.S., after all). 

To buy: $10;

You know Gildan from the tags of those classic cotton T-shirts, but now the brand is also making reusable face masks. Each $40 set comes with 48 masks, and every mask is made of three layers and lined with 100 percent cotton. They have straps that can be tied horizontally across the back of your head, which some shoppers say is much more comfortable than ear loops. Customers say they’re extremely well-made, but still easy to breathe in. “Since you can tie it high and low you can really secure the mask well to your face with basically no gaps other than a bit around the bridge of your nose,” wrote one person.

To buy: $40 for 48;

Popular denim brand Levi’s recently launched face masks, too. Made of two layers of 100 percent cotton, these cloth face masks also have a pocket to insert a filter and come in small and large sizes to fit adults and children. Since the masks are reversible and machine-washable, you can easily switch up your look—just don’t forget to throw it in the wash before flipping it to the other side to prevent germs from touching your face. 

To buy: $15 for 3;

Another bulk option from a well-known apparel brand, this set by Fruit of the Loom comes with 50 three-ply cotton face masks. “They are comfortable, lightweight, and more forgiving behind my ears than other masks I’ve recently tried,” wrote one reviewer. Another person even said they successfully tie-dyed these masks to add a colorful touch.   

To buy: $54 for 50;

If wearing a face mask typically bothers your ears, then consider trying this one from Case-Mate, the brand behind stylish smartphone cases. The elastic strap across the back helps take the pressure off of your ears, and one shopper even says it “makes it easier to keep the mask on your face for a long time.” It also features a filter pocket and comes with one filter, which provides additional protection. 

To buy: $10;