If you can’t find the perfect-fitting bra, this smart invention may be just what you need.

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
May 18, 2020
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The struggle to find the perfect-fitting bra is a dilemma almost every woman has experienced. But a little affordable add-on just might be the simple solution to making almost any style instantly more comfortable. 

Inexpensive bra extenders from Fashion Forms can add as little as half an inch and as much as two inches to bra bands, providing a more custom fit and feel. The versatile additions take just seconds to affix to nearly any bra clasp and cost just $7 for a set of three. Target shoppers have given them rave reviews, referring to them as a “money and comfort saver” and a “fantastic product.”

Credit: target.com

To buy: $7; target.com.

The set comes with reusable extenders in black, beige, and white that simply hook onto clasps and can be gently washed along with the bra. Upgrading your current bra with one of these, which break down to a little over $2 a pop, is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new assortment, especially if your bras are still providing support and overall in good shape. (FYI, here’s how to tell if it’s time to upgrade.) 

Reviewers love their affordable price point, easy-to-use design, and overall value, claiming they’re the perfect solution for a variety of fit issues. “Fantastic product — just what I needed,” one wrote. I found a bra that I loved, but they didn’t have it in my size. This extender was exactly what I needed to make it into my size. Fit perfectly, very comfortable, easy to use. Love it!”

“I gained a little weight and these gave me just enough room — thank goodness!” another reviewer wrote. 

Expecting mamas love them too, claiming they’re just the thing to extend the life of bras during pregnancy. “I’m pregnant and am sick of buying new bras with my expanding chest. With only two months to go, I just needed a little more breathing room to get through. These hooks lined up perfect with my bras and [gave] me room to breathe again! Worth every penny.”

Beyond this basic set, there are similar options made specially for various hook designs through an assortment of retailers. Both Target and Soma currently carry triple-hook bra extenders for as little as $7, while Etsy is a great resource for four-, five-, and six-hook extenders.

Shop Bra Extenders:

  • Three Hook Fashion Forms Bra Extender Pack, $7 target.com
  • Three Hook Bra Extenders Set, $10; soma.com

With so many innovations available today—no-slip straps, seamless and chafe-free designs, and even supportive bralettes for larger busts—there’s no reason to put up with uncomfortable, restrictive shapewear. Give one of these extenders a try, or use our bra shopping guide to find your perfect piece. You deserve it!