bondir sonix reusable face mask amazon

I Shop Amazon for a Living, and I Can't Stop Raving About This Comfortable Face Mask

And Prime members can get it with a special discount right now. 
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There are some things in life—like cookware, shoes, and sheets—worth spending a bit more money on, and I'd argue that a face mask falls into that category. Considering how often we're wearing them, it's worth doing some research and paying a little extra to find a reusable mask that fits securely and comfortably, and dare I say, doesn't annoy you. And thankfully, I've found just that in this now-$14 Amazon find that I recommend to everyone who will listen.

As part of my job as an ecommerce editor (and for my own personal use), I've tested tons of face masks, but I always come back to one: Bondir's reusable ″Air Guard″ mask. The marked down style comes with a series of comfort features, like adjustable straps, replacement liners for added protection, and a roomy feel that isn't restrictive. What's more, the reasonably priced option comes with free shipping and a special discount for Prime members (or anyone who signs up for a free 30-day trial)

bondir sonix reusable face mask amazon

To buy:

$14 with Prime (was $15);

The stretchy Bondir face mask comes from Sonix, a California-based brand that's best known for its stylish phone cases. Like tons of other companies that have expanded their assortments to include pandemic essentials, the accessories group debuted in-demand face masks on Amazon in June 2020. 

The machine-washable mask, which has held up beautifully through weekly cleanings, comes with adjustable ear straps that allow me to create a more custom and secure fit. And unlike many other masks, which irritate my eczema and sensitive skin, this highly breathable option features a super soft and flexible fabric that completely covers my nose and mouth without feeling heavy or irritating. 

While I appreciate all of those features, it's the roomy design and stretchy material that I rave about to the many strangers who have stopped me to ask about it. I can comfortably talk with others while I'm out and about without feeling like I have to over-articulate. I've also been able to wear it for hours without experiencing stress on my ears or chafing. It's my go-to for the office, commuting, and traveling. In fact, it's hard to wear other ones now that I've experienced just how comfortable a face mask can feel.

bondir sonix reusable face mask amazon

To buy: $16 with Prime (was $19);

And I'm not the only one who loves it. Owners describe it as "very well designed," and have offered up many praise-filled reviews on the brand's website. "One of my favorite masks yet!" one reviewer wrote. "Love the structure, and the filters for extra protection. I don't feel suffocated when I wear it, and it's super comfortable."

Each mask comes with three replacement mask liners with built-in pliable nose strips, which allow you to adjust them to fit your face, as well as adhesive sides to ensure they stay in place. And though the brand is only offering one color at the moment (my only qualm with the product), the versatile black shade hides the occasional makeup streak left behind and any sweat that accumulates while running.

Shoppers looking to stock up on a few should check out the brand's larger three-pack set with included liners, which are going for $13 for Prime members. We have a feeling that once the word gets out, this comfy find will sell out fast (especially as many are returning to the office and school), so be sure to snag one before they're gone. 

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