These Temperature-Regulating Socks Are the Most Comfortable and Supportive I've Ever Had on My Feet

Bombas can do no wrong.

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Bombas Women's Solids Ankle Sock 4-Pack

It might sound like sock drawer overkill, but I took the time to count them all and I own 46 pairs. I love thick, cozy socks for cold days, grippy socks for workouts, ankle socks with Converse sneakers, tall ones to pair with shorts while lounging on the couch in the fall—the list goes on and, as you can imagine, it is long.

But at the very top of my list are socks made by Bombas. These socks aren't just pieces of material cut and sewn to fit and cover a body part, they're thoughtfully engineered to take care of your feet. The brand calls its pairs the "most comfortable socks in the history of feet," and I wholeheartedly agree. These socks feel like cushioned clouds beneath my feet that regulate temperature and keep me comfortable and supported. And to make them even more enticing, Bombas offers a discount when you buy a few—which you should since these are sure to quickly become your favorites, too.

Bombas Women's Solids Ankle Sock 4-Pack

To buy: $50 (was $52);

These socks are made with premium (read: why they cost a bit more) extra-long staple cotton, a fiber that's soft, durable, and smooth against your skin. This type of cotton resists shrinking in the wash and can stand the test of time through many wears. Each one has a cushioned footbed where the material is thicker to provide even more comfort and extra support for your soles, so they're not aching by the end of a long day. And Bombas' "honeycomb support system," hugs the arch of your foot, keeping it stabilized while you're running around—literally or figuratively.

The uniquely designed Y-stitch heel fits the shape of your foot without an awkward or uncomfortable seam, which leads to my favorite part of the design, the blister tab. This extra piece of thick material at the back of the sock above the heel acts as a soft, protective cushion that prevents shoes from chafing skin and creating blisters.

Another great thing about Bombas is that the brand donates a pair of socks for every pair bought, which can make you feel even better about your purchase. The socks themselves are difficult to top, and shoppers agree. These pairs have amassed nearly 32,000 reviews averaging 4.8 stars, and plenty of those buyers describe their socks as "comfortable, supportive and breathable." One even said that they own 13 pairs of Bombas alone and although they didn't think it was possible to love socks, they've gotten rid of the rest of the brands they own.

Give your feet the gift they deserve by investing in a pair (or a few) of Bombas socks today.


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