Women love the way they look in these one piece swimsuits.

By Claudia Fisher
July 13, 2018

When I was growing up, black one pieces were not my go-to. No, my go-to was a floral yellow tankini and, because the '90s are back in full swing, I'd make a deal with the devil to have one in adult size now.

Or, I could just just accept that tankinis aren't exactly in vogue but one pieces are and, luckily, I don't have to trade my soul for one that's cool, comfortable, and completely appropriate for an adult—especially because there's a an entire one-piece collection that sold out three times last year and just got restocked.

Andie Swim is an online-only swimwear company created by women to alleviate some of the typical swimsuit shopping struggles, like feeling self-conscious trying on bathing suits in stores under fluorescent lights and being indecisive about which size and style to go with ultimately. The company wants to make shopping for swimsuits more convenient and bearable, so it offers free shipping, returns and unlimited exchanges so you can find a bathing suit you really love.

And love these swimsuits women do! As I mentioned earlier, the Classics collection—made up of three one piece swimsuits—sold out three times last year, and the company just relaunched them yesterday in navy, black, and a brand new blue pearl shade.

The reviews rave about how flattering the fits are on different body types and how comfortable the material is. The spandex-and-nylon fabric has some stretch to it, but it's not overly elastic. It smooths your body kind of like how Spanx work, and it's more supportive than thinner materials.

Check out the three popular one piece swimsuits below, as well as the rest of Andie Swim's bathing suits, including two-pieces, here.  

The Montauk One Piece Swimsuit in Pearl Blue

Blue One Piece Swimsuit

To buy: $95; andieswim.com.

The Catalina One Piece Swimsuit in Navy Blue

Navy Blue One Piece Swimsuit

To buy: $95; andieswim.com.

The Tulum One Piece Swimsuit in Black

Black One Piece Swimsuit

To buy: $95; andieswim.com.