Dazzling teeth are just a smile away.
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The first step toward a picture-perfect smile is taking care of your pearly whites. Unfortunately, after time, your teeth look a little more golden than pearly. As much as we love seeing the dentist every year (wink, wink), sometimes even your annual visit doesn't give you that bright white smile you were hoping for. On top of that, when you have sensitive teeth, at-home teeth whitening treatments can be uncomfortable or even painful.

The good news: The at-home teeth whitening industry has boomed, and now the shelves overflow with more options than ever before. The bad news: Finding the right option for you can be trickier than ever. With new products and wacky trends appearing all over Instagram and beyond for how to whiten your teeth, taking a chance on the best whitener that won't cause you pain can feel like much too big a risk.

No need to struggle anymore because we found some of the most fool-proof and best teeth-whitening products that will definitely leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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1 Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Whitening Kit

Using Colgate's LED lights with blue light technology to activate hydrogen peroxide, this kit is designed to remove up to 10 years (yes, 10!) of stains. Squeeze the serum on to the mouthpiece, and pop it in for 10 minutes a day for 10 days to protect enamel and alleviate sensitivity.

To buy: $145, colgate.com.

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2 Moon Dust Whitening Paste Booster

This white powder is packed with kaolin and bentonite clays to help boost your toothpaste and brush stains away. To use, dab the toothbrush into the powder and brush for two minutes, then rinse for a sparkling smile. This teeth-whitening treatment, however, is only meant for occasional use. Too much can irreversibly harm the tooth enamel and expose the soft dentin underneath.

To buy: $15, ulta.com.

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3 ARC Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening anywhere, any time! These brushes are perfect for removing surface stains caused by coffee or wine, and they're teeny tiny, making them easy to store in your purse. Just brush and go–no water needed. Bonus: These teeth whiteners also act as a minty breath freshener.

To buy: $20, target.com.

Best At-Home Teeth Whitening: Lumineux Oral Essentials Whitening Strips
Credit: Oral Essentials

4 Oral Essentials Lumineux Whitening Strips

Medically-developed specifically for sensitive teeth, these whitening strips don't use harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Instead, natural ingredients like coconut oil, sage oil, and lemon peel oil are used as the whitening agents that leave your teeth feeling smooth and clean. It only takes 30 minutes (and one use!) to start seeing results.

To buy: $38, oralessentials.com.

Best At-Home Teeth Whitening: Blaq Teeth Whitening Wand
Credit: Blaq

5 Blaq Teeth Whitening Wand 

Activated charcoal has been one of the most buzz-worthy ingredients in beauty lately, and for good reason. With detoxifying properties, all-natural activated charcoal absorbs plaque while detoxifying your mouth. Perfect for traveling, this sleek pen delivers a gel derived from natural ingredients including activated charcoal and coconut oil with just one click. Simply brush the gel onto your teeth, let dry (about a minute), then rinse.

To buy: $20, revolve.com.