Your skin encounters so many nasties during the day that it's worth having a skin care routine you can do anytime, anywhere.

By Claudia Fisher
May 21, 2018
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Most people have an at-home skin care routine, but having one you can pull off on-the-go is a great way to maximize efficiency and target different beauty concerns.

When running around, your skin encounters a lot of icky things, including sweat, harsh AC or heating systems, city smog, and that thick stench you're sure (but have no proof) sticks to your skin. Sometimes waiting until you can do your nightly cleansing steps to freshen up and revive your skin isn't an option if you want to feel and look good.

Last week, Katy Perry was photographed walking around Los Angeles with a sheet mask slapped on her face like it was the most normal thing in the world. And you know what? Maybe it is—if you're a celebrity who can get away with anything. For the rest of us, here are six skin care treatments for a quick fix that's much more subtle.

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