If this foundation can last through Thailand heat, it can last through anything.

By Anneke Knot
Updated August 03, 2018

When watching the Bachelorette, so many questions probably run through your mind: Can you really fall in love in a week? Where did the producers find some of these people? Is everyone an actor? You get it...

This list could go on and on. However, arguably the most important question remains: How on earth does this year’s bachelorette Becca Kufrin keep her makeup in place during the intense Thailand heat and humidity?

Year after year, the Bachelor and Bachelorette stars and contestants travel to romantic destinations on tropical lands. We have seen beauty blunders of all sorts from pit stains to dripping mascara. Yet this season, Kufrin's makeup has remained flawless no matter what the elements have thrown her way.

The show’s O.G. makeup artist, Gina Modica, is no beauty novice. She has been there since the show’s inception prepping, primping, and touching up the contestants as they go from group date to one-on-one to rose ceremony and, most importantly, to the fantasy suite.

I asked Modica how she keeps the show's star so flawless despite the makeup-melting hurdles.

The makeup pro told me her go-to product is the Temptu silicone foundation ($10; temptu.com), which she applies using the Temptu Air ($195, temptu.com), a small tool that sprays on your foundation for a blended, airbrushed look.

The product isn’t the only secret to the bachelorette's flawless makeup, though. “It’s also helpful that Becca takes care of her skin, so the makeup does look flawless when it goes on,” Modica admits.

Though this airbrush foundation is perfect for occasions like dating three guys in extreme heat on national television, Modica is hesitant to recommend the product for everyday use.

“It works great for what I use it for. You should try it before you buy it. Everyone’s skin is different and it can be expensive for the [airbrush] system and the foundation. There are different foundations for whatever works (Aqua, silicon) so try a few before you decide,” Modica advises.

Spoken like a true expert. The most important takeaways: Always make sure to take care of your skin and always experiment with products before committing, especially if they're on the pricey side.

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