Is this the best eyeliner? Well, Mandy Moore loves it, so we're going to go with "yes."

By Claudia Fisher
Updated June 07, 2018
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Mandy Moore Has The Best Eyeliner Recommendation
Credit: Amanda Edwards

Celebrities have access to the best of everything–not just the best, but the upper-echelon, heavenly-tier of the best, which only those privy to all the insider knowledge on earth could reveal. So, if Mandy Moore felt passionate about a certain eyeliner, it's probably the best eyeliner of the bests.

In her Instagram stories yesterday, the 34-year-old actress and singer (has her "This Is Us" career usurped her "Candy" days? Maybe, but I'm still holding on) expressed a strong sentiment about the eyeliner she had on.

She wrote, "When you 3>

Mandy Moore Says This Is The Best Eyeliner
Credit: Instagram

The eyeliner of note? Moore's makeup artist was nice enough to divulge to me that he used Mac's Fluidline in Delineate ($18;

The Fluidline shade that Matin used has, unfortunately, been discontinued–fortunately, however, he employed different products for a color scheme in the same vein (also, he notes, Mac has a Fluideline color called Macroviolet that's plum). That night, Moore appeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" looking incredible in a red dress with blush over-the-knee boots and color-coordinated makeup.

Because she loved the earlier color so much, Matin said, "We decided to keep the look for the eve monochromatic in the plummy tones."

Of course, the products Matin used to create Moore's beautiful look last night are only a piece of the plum-hued equation.

He revealed some of his technique, telling me, "To create the little bit of smoke and contour, I used the two pale lavender shades [of Mac's Pro Eye Palette: The Romantic ($40;] and pumped up the color with the plum/ reddish tone." So... that's how you get an eyeshadow color that leaves Instagram swooning.

"I warmed up the cream on my hand and then applied to her lid with my ring finger," he said of the application process. "I liked the top thicker again and a thinner line on the bottom but extended both lines past her eyes without closing the two lines. I left a 3mm gap between the top and bottom liner to create the illusion of a longer eye shape."

As an if-I-were-stranded-on-a-desert-island-I'd-take-mascara-over-food person, Matin's last steps caught me a little off-guard.

The makeup pro revealed, "I used [the eyelash extensions] Lashify but no mascara. Mascara only on the bottom lashes."

Whew, ok. I mean, if anything were going to have me attempting a no-mascara look, it'd be Mandy Moore's plummy gaze.

If you're wondering about the rest of her flawless face, I've got you. For her other makeup, Matin used Cle Cosmetics–and you can see the collection here, on