Is this the best dry shampoo? Well, everyone is searching for it.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 22, 2018
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Woman's Hair with Dry Shampoo in It
Credit: NK SUTTLE /Getty Images

I have fine hair, so if I go one day without washing it, it's already weighed down by grease. There is no such thing as the "second-day look" for me unless I find the right dry shampoo. I've tried a plethora of hair products, from those that promise volume to those that promise beach waves, but with a good–nay, with the best dry shampoo, I'm able to get my hair a little bit closer to the Brigitte Bardot body I'm forever chasing.

My dry shampoo needs are far from unique. According to the online marketing tool SEM Rush, an average 60,500 people search for "dry shampoo" on Google every month, giving me an unrequited kinship with 60,500 strangers.

And the most searched dry shampoo brand might surprise you because it's nothing you'd see walking the aisles of Sephora. The most searched for dry shampoo brand each month is the drugstore classic Batiste.

Batiste dry shampoo has the look and feel of a high-end product, with its pretty cans, light but effective texture, and refreshing scents–except it costs under $6 at stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Target.

Batiste's Original dry shampoo is a cult classic ($5.99;, but the hair-care brand also offers a variety of dry shampoos, including a blush scent ($5.99;, tropical scent ($5.89;, cherry scent ($5.99;, fresh scent ($5.99;, and close to fragrance-free ($5.99;, as well as dry shampoo tinted for dark hair ($6.59;, for light hair ($6.58;, and a Strength and Shine dry shampoo formulated to strengthen your locks ($6.99;

Then Batiste shows its wild side with the Neon Lights Dry Shampoo, a pomegranate and jasmine scent ($7.10;, and the Wild Dry Shampoo, a "sassy and daring" scent in a leopard-printed aerosol ($5.88;

Whew, that's a lot of dry shampoo options and spray can designs to choose from. But I guess when you're the best dry shampoo brand, you have to keep people on their toes and Googling your name to keep up.