No, I don’t have kids. Yes, it’s a little weird. But when it comes to functionality, this is the best diaper bag for me.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 01, 2018
The Best Diaper Bag

A crossbody diaper bag wasn’t the first thing I thought of when I realized it was time for a new purse, but from the moment I saw this charming pink, cactus-patterned bag, I knew it was the best option for me. My only hesitation was the fear that everyone would look at it, know immediately that it was a diaper bag, and start wondering whether I’d lost a child in a park. (That line of questioning would only lead to a discussion of why I, a woman in my mid-20s with no human, fur, or plant babies to speak of, am carrying a diaper bag around town.)

This diaper bag is truly a stroller caddy, though it comes with a detachable crossbody strap. (In sales-speak, it’s dubbed “the perfect hybrid between a traditional stroller caddy and messenger style [sic] diaper bag.”) It’s the On-The-Go Stroller Caddy from TWELVElittle, and it’s available in three patterns—a crisp stripe, a neutral black, and the cactus print that I was immediately smitten with.

The crossbody diaper bag is chock full of useful pockets, zippers, and flaps that I suppose would make it very useful for a mother or father, though it’s also incredibly handy for anyone who likes an organized bag and who tends to over pack even if she's just leaving home for a few hours (a.k.a. me).

So what do I love the most about my diaper bag purse?

The playful pattern is the first thing that comes to mind and was the first of the bag’s characteristics to catch my eye. Once I started examining the bag, though, wondering if I was actually about to commit to carrying a diaper bag around and attempting to pass it off a purse, I noticed the bag’s other super practical features, which help parents and non-parents alike.

The interior of the bag is divided into three functional compartments, but one of the dividers is removable, so you can customize the space. The remaining compartment is intended to hold baby wipes and has a hidden magnetic flap so you can access them quickly and easily. I use this section to store my keys, phone, lip balm, and other small items I want immediately at hand.

The bag’s top flap has magnetic and snap closures, so you can be sure it’s closed and secured with your belongings safe inside, and it has a zipper opening in the top so you can grab what you need without opening the whole bag. There are also multiple pockets on the interior and exterior, and the bag is large enough that I can carry everything I need for a day out and about with room to spare.

Beyond all these clever aspects, the diaper bag is water-resistant (I’ve gotten caught in the rain carrying it, and it survived much better than most of the purses I’ve carried) and has vegan leather trim. It has the long strap, which can be shortened to a shoulder bag-length or extended to make the bag more messenger-style, plus a set of stroller clips. It’s also free of harsh chemicals, which actual parents may be pleased by.

I find the exterior mini succulent pattern playful in a very on-trend way (I’ve already gotten compliments!), but the interior is just plain adorable: It’s dotted with a pattern of horses, sheep, and bunnies. I know enough about parenting to be aware that diaper bags are essential, but I’m sure any parent would agree that having a cute diaper bag that you truly want to carry is a major plus. All in all, I love this little crossbody diaper bag—it has everything I need in a purse, plus an almost absolute guarantee that I won’t bump into anyone else carrying it, as long as I stay away from preschools and playgrounds.

The On-The-Go Stroller Caddy in Cactus Print is available from TWELVElittle for $118.