I actually prefer it to any of my underwire bras.

By Laura Reilly
Updated January 24, 2019
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Lively’s Busty Bralette Is the Best Wire-Free Bra for Large Busts
Credit: Lively

I’m a bra size DD. In Europe, I’m what they call an ‘E’, and at certain points of the month, I’m even up to a DDD, a.k.a ‘F’. Half the alphabet aside, I’ve basically been relegated to wearing an underwire bra on days that I leave the house, and even on some I don’t.

Underwires aren’t the devil, but they’re no picnic print midi skirt either. They cause all of the usual annoyances: digging, poking, wriggling up, getting bent out of shape. And while that’s happening, I’m getting bent out of shape myself. Wearing a bra when you’re above a D cup is a very specific kind of prison.

So you know what I find very, very cool? A bra that isn’t underwire, is designed for DDs and DDDs, is extremely comfortable, and does stay in place literally all day. The Lively Busty Bralette has it right there in the name, and I can confirm from experience: It’s the only bralette that does my bust justice.

The Busty Bralette

The Busty Bralette From Lively
Credit: The Busty Bralette From Lively

To buy: $45; wearlively.com.

As per the architecture of most bralettes, this wire-free cotton undergarment features two triangle panels held together by a rear-clasping band and two gentle straps that go over the shoulders. The genius of this bralette, though, is the “inner supportive sling”—a thin yet sturdy cord that holds the two triangles together at the center, just above the front of the band.

That little sling is a heaving sigh of relief, because it’s evidence that someone with big boobs actually designed this bra (for once).

In my daily life, this bralette has replaced my underwire bras almost completely, and timeshares my boobs with the other sports bras in my drawer. Its smooth surface makes it perfect for wearing under t-shirts and thin fabrics, and its delicate, extremely comfortable straps are somehow narrow enough to go undetected underneath slip dresses and tops.

The best part about wearing the Bust Bralette is that most of the time, I don’t think about the fact that I’m wearing it at all.

Shop Lively’s Busty Bralette in a range of neutrals, lace, florals, colorblock, and even a couple of metallic shades for just $35 at wearlively.com.