Our team tried allll the products and found six picks that make looking great look easy.
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genius beauty from july/august 2022
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

At Real Simple, we worship economy and efficiency. We road-tested a lot of today's top beauty products—from makeup to skincare—to figure out what's actually worth adding to your everyday routine. Here are the 10 stand-out picks that topped our list this month.

Best Beauty Products July 2022

best-beauty-products-Bounce Magic Fit Creamy Bronzer-Highlighter Duo

1 Best Glow Getter: Bounce Magic Fit Creamy Bronzer & Highlighter Duo

$32; beautyblender.com

Contouring is a snap with this super-convenient compact. Swipe the matte bronzer under cheekbones for definition, then blend the creamy highlighter on cheeks and brow bones for a sexy sheen. 

best-beauty-products-Andrew Fitzsimons Fantasy Curls Nourishing Mask

2 Best Curl Quencher: Andrew Fitzsimons Fantasy Curls Nourishing Mask

$14, ulta.com

Want a little spring back in your spirals? Coat clean, damp hair in this mask made for curl types 3A to 4C, then multitask (wash, shave, sing!) during the five minutes it takes for the castor, jojoba, and avocado oils to do their mane magic. Rinse for softer, stronger, and shinier hair.

best-beauty-products-Secret Weightless Dry Spray in Wild Rose

3 Best Sweat Stopper: Secret Weightless Dry Spray in Wild Rose

$7, target.com

This mist feels weightless but stands up to sweat during both intense workouts and tense work meetings. The nozzle gives you precise application, leaving no white marks or goo—just a dry, fresh-scented you.

best-beauty-products-Le 8 Hypnose Mascara

4 Best Lash Enhancer: Le 8 Hypnose Mascara

$29, lancome-usa.com

This inky-black mascara lengthens lashes instantly and strengthens them over time, thanks to a serum made with amino acid and shea butter. Think of it as fancy skin care for your fringe. Plus, the glass tube and vegetable-fiber-derived wand are easy on the eyes and the earth.

best-beauty-products-Bliss Skin-Mergency Set

5 Best Skin Saver: Bliss Skin-Mergency Set

$22, ulta.com

When your skin is acting funky, this rainbow trio is your arsenal. Smooth them on after cleansing and before moisturizing. Green calms irritation and neutralizes redness, blue prevents water loss when skin is thirsty, and pink is packed with lactic acid to clear congestion.

best-beauty-products-Curel Moisture Repair Eye Cream

6 Best Undereye Hydrator: Curél Moisture Repair Eye Cream

$32, amazon.com

Raise your hand if your crow's-feet, dark circles, and bags are looking rough after too much screen time and too little shut-eye! This ceramide-laced cream soothes like chilled spoons (ahhh) and helps you fake looking awake.