Acne, beware! These treatments are coming for you.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 11, 2018
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Woman Dabs Anti Treatment on Her Face
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Reviews can be an easy way to narrow down your search for new products, like the best acne treatments. Commerce hubs like Sephora and Amazon rack up opinions, giving you throngs of insider tips from people who have actually tried the products you're looking at. It's the easiest way to get a fairly comprehensive look at what a product claims vs its actual effectiveness.

According to thousands of reviewers on Amazon, these are the five best acne treatments the site has to offer.

Acne Face Wash With Salicylic Acid for Hormonal Breakouts, Pimples, Acne Scars, and Blackheads

Instanatural Acne Cleanser

This acne cleasner has 2% salicylic acid, an oil-based beta-hydroxy chemical exfoliant that can get deep into your pores and clear them out. Pairing that with Aloe vera, the acne treatment claims to smooth the skin without stripping it of too much moisture.

So, what do the customer reviews have to say? It's kind of a mixed bag. Nearly 60% of users love the cleanser, while its detractors critique its "runny" texture, say it's drying and reporting minimal to no results. It is worth noting the brand recommends this product for oily skin, acne, and enlarged pores, so if you have fairly clear skin with a normal level of oil, this treatment might be too harsh for you.

On the flip side, some comments give a positive spin to the texture because it makes the product last for a long time, and others praise the skin-clearing results they saw.

To buy: $17.97;

Tea Tree Acne Treatment Cream for Acne Scars, Cystic Acne, and Blackheads

Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream

Keeva's acne treatment cream has the most customer reviews of the products in Amazon's top five at 2,300. Of these, 84% are 4 or 5 stars, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The results sound like they were so good they shocked those who had good experiences, with one customer posting a very drastic before-and-after photo set showing scarring and large blemishes completely vanishing and another writing "I never dreamed of actual results like this."

To buy: $24.95;

Best Acne Kit With Cleanser, Toner, Dual Acne Treatment Serums

Exposed Skin Care 4-Step Acne Treatment Kit (60 Day)

This kit has a team of acne-fighting agents working at once, so if you don't have acute acne it may be too drying for you. The active ingredient in the cleanser, clearing tonic, and Clear Pore Serum is salicylic acid, while the Acne Treatment Serum's active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. The tonic also employs glycolic acid, another chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid, but a water-soluble alpha-hydroxy.

Nearly 80% of reviewers gave the acne treatment kit 4 or 5 stars, and positive experiences note that, with consistent use, bumpy red blemishes went down significantly anywhere from two weeks to a few months after starting the acne-fighting routine.

To buy: $61.95;

Acne Treatment to Get Rid of Pimples

Global Care Essentials Eclipse Blemish Solution

This pimple-fighting gel differentiates itself from other acne treatments by claiming to fight breakouts from the root of the issue rather than by trying to dry out the skin.

Some negative comments point out the product says it's all-natural despite some of its ingredient not exactly fitting your expectations of "natural" (which is not an FDA-regulated term on cosmetics), but happy users say the acne solution provides a nice cooling sensation, is effective at eliminating painful pimples and cystic acne, and gives your skin a smoother texture.

To buy: $29.97;

Anti Acne Gel Treatment for Pimples

Tempt by Cazbe Skin Solution

This acne treatment has gained some fervent fans, who say nothing else worked for their cystic acne until they found this gel product, although it does have the fewest reviews of the products on this list.

Some negative reviews say the product either did nothing for the users or had subtle results at best, but only one of these specified for how long that person tried the product for (and it was just over a week). It's important to remember topical remedies like acne treatments and anti-aging products aren't miracle cures and take time and consistency to kick in. Don't lose hope!

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