Refresh for spring by purging your bathroom cabinets of these beauty products.

By Claudia Fisher
July 11, 2018

It's spring cleaning time, and as you go through each room of your house, don't overlook one area that's definitely in need of some clearing out: your bathroom cabinets full of beauty products you've been stockpiling since the '90s.

Aside from some of the obvious indications it's time to throw a beauty product out (please don't tell me you keep lotions that used to be beige but are now yellow and smell bad), it can be a little hard to tell what needs to go and what we can hold on to.

I'm pretty protective over my products, reluctant to through even the tiniest drop of remaining BB cream away, but if any of the products sitting in your makeup bags or lining your bathroom shelves fall into one of these four categories, it's time to chuck it ASAP. You'll be clearing up space in your cluttered bathroom and probably even clearing up your skin.

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