10 Fashion and Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Beach Bag

You’ve got the obvious—swimsuit, sunscreen, snacks—covered. Now throw these ingenious extras in your tote to make your next water-bound trip, well, a day at the beach. (Yes, even if you’re headed to the lake or the local pool!)


A Cooler Cooler

Photo by igloo-store.com

Igloo’s insulated bag will keep your snacks (and sunscreen!) at optimal temps. Plus the soft-sided style can be packed away into your beach bag when it’s empty at the end of the day.

To buy: $60, igloo-store.com.


A Beach Blanket That Multitasks

Photo by sandcloudapparel.com

Take your lounging game up a notch with a beach towel that has a built-in pillow. These Turkish-style towels come in an array of pretty colors, dry quickly, improve your beach-reading comfort, and—when you remove the pillow—are lightweight enough to double as a sarong.

To buy: $39, sandcloudapparel.com.


Next Level Sun Protection

Photo by amazon.com

A hat with built-in UPF will keep the sun and its damaging UV rays off your face. Bonus: It can be rolled or folded so it won’t get crushed in your bag.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.


Perfect-Beach-Hair Kit

Photo by bumbleandbumble.com

Never look like a drowned rat again after a dip in the pool or ocean. Stash a salt and oil hybrid spray in your beach bag with a wide-tooth comb and mist onto damp hair. It has sea salts to give you pretty waves and coconut, mango seed, passion fruit, and palm oils to act like a fancy conditioning treatment and help rehab fried ends. The best part: Its UV inhibitors will protect your hair color from fading.

To buy: $29, bumbleandbumble.com.


A Cover-Up To Keep You Clean

Photo by hm.com

Pack this super-lightweight tunic and throw it on while sitting in the sand or running to the snack bar. It will keep your “commute” clothing sand-, sunscreen-, and splash-free.

To buy: $30, hm.com.


A Fresh Pair

Photo by gap.com

Don’t forget to pack a cotton bra and a pair of underwear in your bag for the ride home so you don’t have to wear your soggy swimsuit. Your clean, dry skin will thank you.

To buy: $12.50, gap.com.


Sunscreen That Does More

Photo by coolasuncare.com

Before you slip on your suit, spray your skin head-to-toe with a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. The nourishing ingredients—cucumber, algae, strawberry extracts and red raspberry seed oil—will leave your skin feeling like you just left the spa. Re-mist every 40 minutes.

To buy: $32, coolasuncare.com.


Double Duty Sunnies

Photo by forever21.com

Leave your favorite expensive sunglasses at home if you’re hitting the beach or the lake—once they disappear into the water, they’re usually gone for good. Wear inexpensive ones instead, and stash an extra pair in your bag in case you lose the first ones to the waves.

To buy: $6, forever21.com.


A Bag of Tricks

Photo by hudsonandbleecker.com

Store your fundamentals (phone, keys, cash, cards) in a water-resistant pouch that will keep them easily accessible and protected from accidental drips and spills.

To buy: $42, hudsonandbleecker.com.


Extra SPF

Photo by shop.trustthebum.com

Protect those often forgotten, burn-prone spots, like your nose, ears, lips, and the tops of your feet, plus your squirming kids with a portable SPF stick. The oil-free balm glides on like butter and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so practicing safe sun is a cinch. Just remember to reapply like it’s your job—because it is.

To buy: $10, shop.trustthebum.com.