The "world's largest bath bomb" is quite impressive.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated June 18, 2018
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Geniuses Build the World's Largest Bath Bomb and Drop It Into a Pool
Credit: mirror-images/Getty Images

If I didn't live in New York City, where my apartment is a shoebox and my bathtub a sardine can, I'm sure I'd love a good bath bomb. It seems like most of the internet does, anyway. From Lush's stronghold in the bath market to the new Bum Bum Bath Bomba infused with the best-selling lotion's fragrance ($10;, there's no shortage of colorful accents on the market to elevate your bathing ritual. You have scented bath bombs, you have relaxing bath bombs, you even have unicorn bath bombs ($8;

What you don't have is a 2,000-pound bath bomb for your swimming pool–but these people do.

A team at Vat19, a site that sells quirky gifts with videos showing how they work, took the time to build a 2,000-pound bath bomb recently, which they say is the "world's largest." With intriguing ingenuity and bizarrely adept craftsmanship, the creators of the mammoth bath bomb successfully black-out an entire swimming pool with a fizzy, foamy masterpiece that everyone from the squealing kids in the background to the adults responsible seems to enjoy whole-heartedly at the end.

The video of their experiment has racked up 1.5 million videos since being posted on June 16, but I wonder how many people actually have the highly-specific skill set–or time–required to build one of these themselves.

Watch the video below to see how they built the giant bath bomb and what the 2,000-pounder looked like submerged in water. It's captivating.