Say bye-bye to those old and boring pajamas!

By Christina Butan
Updated February 18, 2019
Advertisement Retro Daisy Sleep Top and Shorts

It’s time to give your sleepwear wardrobe an upgrade with’s first-ever loungewear collection. Made out of breathable cotton poplin, the Leisure Club cozy collection includes a seriously-cute assortment of sleep shirts, PJ sets, tees, and sweatshirts that all come in super fun colors and patterns. And a majority of the loungewear comes with sayings that we can totally relate to, like “I Am Very Busy” and “Not Without My Coffee.”

Whether you choose to get matching tops and bottoms or mix and match, these pieces will add some style to your nighttime attire. (And help you finally get rid of that old t-shirt you’ve been wearing to sleep for way too long.) Below, we rounded up some of our favorites from the collection. To shop it all—and add cute accessories like this pink satin sleep mask to your cart—head over to

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Napleisure Tee

If you love to nap (who doesn’t?), this is the perfect tee for you. This colorful yet simple ivory shirt will look cute with anything, especially these retro daisy sleep pants.

To buy: $42; Retro Daisy Sleep Top and Shorts
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Retro Daisy Sleep Top and Shorts

Just in time for the spring weather, you won’t resist adding this adorable PJ set to your collection. You can also get the dainty pink and red daisies design on a sleep shirt.

To buy: (Top) $48; (Shorts) $40; Leisure Queen Sweatshirt
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Leisure Queen Sweatshirt

If you are the queen of naps, lounging, and being all-around chill, this sweatshirt is meant for you. Plus, it’s in everybody’s favorite color—millennial pink.

To buy: $64; Indigo & Sleepy Pink Sleep Shirt
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Indigo & Sleepy Pink Sleep Shirt

This pink and blue striped sleep shirt will quickly become a classic yet fun staple in your closet. Wear it alone or throw it over a night slip if you’re feeling chilly.

To buy: $58; Feelings Sweatshirt
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Feelings Sweatshirt

Feelings—we all have them. This gray sweatshirt is embroidered with colorful and velvety chenille fabric, and it will definitely get compliments whether you wear it for a girls' night in or a quick run to the store.

To buy: $68;