It keeps getting rave reviews for a reason.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated May 03, 2019

While shopping for swimsuits can be one of the most dreaded parts of summer, there are times when you find the perfect suit that makes you feel confident—the one with just enough coverage and support that’s still stylish. I had this experience recently, and it came from one of the most unlikely places.

When my friend recently sent me a link to an Amazon swimsuit, I was highly skeptical at first, thinking, “Who even buys swimsuits on Amazon?” But after scouring over the reviews and seeing pictures of real women in the suit, I was convinced, especially after I saw the can’t-beat price. The swimsuit in question was Amazon’s OMKAGI two-piece bandeau swimsuit, which comes in 29 different patterns and colors—yes, you read that right!

Normally I like swim tops with more support than a bandeau style, but when I received the top, I was surprised that the fabric is tight-fitting in a good way, in that it still gives enough coverage and also includes padding. The bottoms have a flattering, high-waist cut, but they don’t cover your belly button. The only downside to the suit is the fact that you can’t buy two different sizes for the top and bottom. Typically I wear a medium in tops and a large in bottoms, but after reading other reviews from women with similar situations, everyone agreed that you should size down rather than up if you’re different sizes for each piece.

OMKAGI Women's 2-Piece Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit


To buy: $18-$23;

Even though this swimsuit ranges in price from $18 to $23, the polyester-spandex fabric and the fit make it feel more expensive. I ended up buying it in two colors, as did two of my friends, and it fits great on all of us despite our different body types. If you’ve been skeptical like me about buying clothing or swimsuits from Amazon, this swimsuit is an affordable first step in trying out the site for cheap (but good quality!) clothes. And the fact that you can try it on in the comfort of your own home—no unflattering dressing room lighting necessary—is just an added bonus.