This Sports Bra Is the Unpadded-Yet-Supportive Hero of My Workout Wardrobe

It’s so comfortable, I routinely fall asleep in it.

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Seamless Ribbed Bra

As a shopping editor, my proclivity for fashion is no surprise to anyone, but what I tend to keep to myself is how picky and finicky I can be. One example of this is my sports bra collection and the fact that I own 17 of them. While many of these stretchy, strappy bras are good enough, I've spent plenty of time (and money) trying to find that Goldilocks bra that checks all of my boxes.

I think I've finally found it in the Alo Yoga Seamless Ribbed Bra. This sports bra isn't padded at all—and while I typically like a very light lining to keep the fact that I'm always cold to myself, the ribbed, compressive fabric does the job all on its own. It's so comfortable, I've fallen asleep wearing it, and it's quickly dethroned all of my previous favorites.

Seamless Ribbed Bra

To buy: $58;

The bra fits comfortably and doesn't dig into my ribs, and it has a sporty, T-back shape that lines up perfectly with several of my favorite running tops. But best of all, the sports bra is so comfy. There are no seams that poke into my skin awkwardly, it doesn't give me a push-up effect that I didn't ask for, and it has a simple design that's easy to get into and out of. Plus, it doesn't squeeze and bulge the skin next to my armpits, which too many bras tend to do.

Seamless Ribbed Bra

To buy: $58;

The bra comes in five colors right now (black, plus four limited edition shades in blue, magenta, lavender, and espresso brown), but the lavender I managed to receive a sample of is no longer in stock, which speaks to the popularity of this bra with shoppers.

A wide range of reviewers who identified themselves as people who bought sizes ranging anywhere from an XS to those whose bra sizes are 36DD all raved about it. One buyer called it the "best sports bra I have bought in a while," and another who purchased an XL added that it's "one of the few" that fits them comfortably.

Find your new favorite bra by ordering the Alo Yoga Seamless Ribbed Bra today before the rest of these colors are snatched up by everyone else.

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