The Famous Beast Blender Makes the Smoothest Shakes I’ve Ever Had, and It’s 20% Off Right Now

Did I mention it looks like a work of art?

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Beast Blender

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You’ve likely seen this blender all over Instagram. How could you not? This single-button appliance from Beast Health, created by the founder of Nutribullet, combines high-powered efficiency with undoubtedly aesthetic packaging. This is one appliance you’ll love showing off on your countertop rather than shoving in a drawer. Which begs the question: It’s trendy, but does it work? And luckily, I can confirm that it does. Over the past year and a half of consistent use, I’ve found that this sleek blender makes the smoothest protein shakes I’ve ever had. And for a limited time only, the Beast B10 Blender is on sale for 20 percent off, dropping its overall price to $132.

Founded on a mission to improve peoples’ desire to eat whole and minimally processed foods, Beast Health aims to make it easy to consume your daily nutrients. The philosophy tracks; when I’m lazy about my fruits and vegetables, it’s practically effortless to throw them into this machine. 

Beast Blender


To buy: $132 (was $165);

Accordingly, the Beast B10 Blender currently comes in three elegant colorways: light gray, white, and black, although only the white is on sale currently. It has only two modes—blend and pulse—controlled by a single button, which cuts out a lot of the complications you’ll encounter with other appliances.

I use my Beast B10 Blender most for protein shakes, containing coconut milk, chocolate powder, and banana. Most importantly, I like my shakes to be icy, so I load up my capsule with plenty of ice cubes for that frosty finish. While the blender doesn’t love having as much ice in it as I force, it’s lasted me almost two years thus far with no issues—which is more than I can say for some budget brands.

When finished making your smoothie, you can swap the blender top with a carry-friendly drinking top that lets you sip directly from the mixing vessel. Since the blender is crafted to excel in a single-serving (or double-serving if you’re stretching it) size, this functionality makes it easy to take your smoothie on the go in only a few seconds. So if you often find yourself “too busy for breakfast,” the ease and speed of the Beast B10 Blender could be a great option to get in your nutrients. 

Most of all? I’m aesthetically minded, so I take great pleasure in how attractive the blender looks. The ridged surface of the container has a texture that appeals to the eye. It’s also quiet, easy to use, and easy to clean. I’m used to audibly warning roommates and family that I’m about to blend in case they’re on calls or otherwise need silence, so I appreciate that it doesn’t sound like a chainsaw in the way other blenders do. 

Notably, the brand recommends that you hand wash the cap containing the electric components of the blender. Since my family often uses (steals) this blender to make cherry-date smoothies, this maintenance requirement isn’t always observed in my household, although I know my blender will last significantly longer if we honor it. 

Should you choose, you can also purchase the Beast Health hydration system, which includes a stylish glass sipper that can infuse fruit into your water—all the best for that “hydrate more” resolution you’ve nearly given up on by February. Better yet, since we’re all about those aesthetics, the Beast Blender and Hydration System combo is still available and on sale in the black and light gray colorways as well. 

Beast Blender


To buy: $156 (was $195);

Beast Health offers free shipping and free returns through Verishop, so you won’t have to think twice about trying it out. Head to the site to shop the much-beloved Beast B10 Blender while it’s on sale for a rare 20 percent off. 

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