Bearaby's Weighted Sweater That Sold Out in 4 Days Is Finally Back in Stock

Scoop up the Napigan while you still can.

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Weighted blankets are arguably the coziest trend to dominate the wellness space—and Bearaby is leading the charge. The sleep and self-care brand is known for its chunky knit throws, but that's certainly not where it draws the line. This past November, the New York-based brand expanded with the Napigan, a first-of-its-kind weighted sweater that sold out in four days—and it's finally back in stock now.

The Napigan is a play on words, a fusion of "cardigan" and the name of Bearaby's best-selling weighted blanket, the "Napper." Just like the social media-famous throw, the chunky-knit Bearaby sweater is crafted from soft and breathable 100 percent organic cotton you'll never want to take off. The wearable design comes in two striped colorways and two sizes (the small weighs 4.5 pounds and medium is 7 pounds).


The biggest benefit of purchasing a Napigan? You get the calming benefits of a weighted blanket, but as a functional design you can wear all day long. The relaxed style will complete your outfit, whether you're wearing leggings and slippers or jeans and sneakers, and the extra weight will come in handy to quell travel anxiety on a flight, soothe weekday work stress, or help send you off to sleep.

Numerous studies highlight the potential benefits of weighted blankets in enhancing relaxation, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety. The idea stems from deep touch pressure (DTP), a therapeutic technique that Bearaby claims "produces more of your relaxation and sleep-inducing hormones, which can effectively reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and help with insomnia as well as restless leg syndrome."

It's no surprise that the five-star reviews have already started rolling in. "Due to my stressful office job, I have been looking for anxiety relief solutions. My daughter found the weighted sweater, which has been truly calming every day. It's so soft and also keeps me warm!" writes a Napigan owner. Another wrote: "This is now my favorite thing to wear on a plane—so snug and stress relieving, but easy to take on and off."

Another Bearaby shopper noted that the weighted design is good for year-round wear. "This is really nice for those kind of in-between weather days when regular sweaters would usually make me too hot," they wrote. "It keeps out the chill but doesn't make me sweaty. Overall super comfy, and I think I will be wearing it well into the spring and even summer."

Bearaby's product offering expands beyond its new Napigan and cult-favorite blankets. There's a stress-relieving knot pillow aptly named the Hugget and the chicest body pillow you've ever seen, called the Cuddler Cover. And for those of you with four-legged friends, there's a calming—and stylish—dog bed dubbed the Pupper Pod because Fido could use some anxiety relief, too.

But back to the Napigan, which is likely selling out as we speak. For context, the sweater’s racked up a waitlist of over 5,000 (!) since selling out in under a week last year—so it's no secret that it's highly coveted. That said, run, don't walk to add one to your shopping cart while you still can. 


To buy: $349;

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