I'm a Shopping Editor, and These Are the 2 Under-$30 Organizers I Swear by for a Tidy Bathroom

These storage solutions are perfect for holding all of my hair, skincare, and beauty products.

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Over the summer, I said goodbye to my studio apartment and moved into a one-bedroom with my boyfriend. Even though I was moving into a bigger place, I knew I’d need to work even harder to keep it organized since I’d be sharing it with another person. 

As a shopping editor for Real Simple, hunting down the best products to make life easier is part of my job. So naturally, I’ve spent the past few months testing out various organizing solutions to see what actually works. And since I have so many hair, skincare, and beauty products, I knew the bathroom was one of the first places to tackle in my new home. 

By far the best bathroom organizer I’ve come across is the iDesign Affixx Adhesive Organizer Bin. I stuck two of these bins on the inside of the cabinet door underneath my sink, and I immediately knew they were perfect for corralling small products. They create so much extra storage space by utilizing an area that would otherwise go unused. (You could even mount them on walls or the sides of your cabinet.)

 iDesign AFFIXX Plastic Wall Mount Organizer Rack

To buy: $12 (was $20); amazon.com.

These clear cabinet organizers come in various shapes and sizes, so I went with one small bin and one large bin—and they hold way more than I expected them to. I can fit multiple hair products, face sunscreen, and toothpaste (with room for more!) in the small adhesive bin. My boyfriend uses the large bin (which is really just longer and not as deep as the small one) for his deodorant, cologne, razor, and more. 

Thanks to their peel-and-stick design, these bins are incredibly easy to install—but the adhesive is strong enough that they still feel sturdy with heavy bottles inside. (They haven’t budged at all, even though the door occasionally slams shut by accident.) Since the bins are made of plastic, all it takes is a quick wipe whenever they get dirty. 

iDesign AFFIXX Plastic Wall Mount Organizer Rack, Shelf

Real Simple / Amina Abdelrahman

Another organizer that has totally transformed our bathroom storage situation is the Smartake Corner Shower Caddy Set. Instead of suction cups, these shower caddies use a super strong adhesive to stick to my shower walls, which I’ve found to be much more secure. Installation was pretty simple—the hardest part was trying to align the two caddies on opposite corners of my shower.

 SMARTAKE 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy Deep Basket Design

To buy: $26; amazon.com.

My favorite aspect is their extra-deep design, which prevents tall bottles from tipping over and falling out (something that used to happen with my old shallow caddies). This allows me to store my shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, body scrub, and more while taking up barely any valuable space in my shower. I even hang my razor in between the wires to prevent it from getting gunky.

 SMARTAKE 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy Deep Basket Design

Real Simple / Amina Abdelrahman

I very much prefer corner caddies rather than over-the-showerhead styles. I never bump into them, and they never get hit with the stream of water so they don’t get gross as quickly. These shower caddies honestly feel like a built-in storage solution. And they come in silver, black, bronze, and white, so you can choose a color that goes with the rest of your shower’s hardware.

Even though I have plenty of favorite organizers, these two have been the most game-changing when it comes to bathroom storage. So if your bathroom is feeling cluttered and overwhelming, head to Amazon to grab these under-$30 organizers. 

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