This Best-Selling Mesh Laundry Bag Set Is the Key to Keeping Delicates Looking Like New—and It’s Just $9

The pack comes with five bags of various sizes and won’t snag in the wash.

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Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags


Have you ever done laundry and realized you’re missing a sock or two? How about those cute new undies that are now torn to shreds? Yep, laundry days are both a blessing and a curse, because on the one hand, your washing machine is the deliverer of clean clothes, but on the other, it’s a black hole that can sometimes ruin your delicates. The silver lining? Mesh laundry bags are your saving grace. 

Mesh laundry bags are designed to keep track of your items while prolonging their shelf lives. While there are tons of options out there, why not go with a pack that’s loved by thousands of people? This best-selling set of five from Bagail is so popular on Amazon, it has more than 38,600 five-star ratings from shoppers who won’t use anything else. And at $9 (under $2 per bag!), who can blame them?

Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large & 2 Medium Bags Laundry,Blouse, Hosiery


To buy: $9;

These durable laundry bags are made with a polyester fiber mesh that allows soap and water to filter through in the wash and lets hot air inside in the dryer. Reviewers confirm that the bags do not tear or shrink, even after years of use. It’s one reason why people feel comfortable putting delicates like underwear and bras in them, as well as sneakers, bags, hats, and more. 

Unlike some laundry bags that have a tie string, these Bagail ones come with a smooth zipper that won’t budge in the wash. That’s because, on top of its well-designed tooth chain, the bags have a little pocket to slip the puller inside, ensuring that all your items will be intact and won’t somehow escape. 

And anyone who travels often might want to keep these bags handy—they’re great for organizing your suitcase, so you have everything at your fingertips. No need to stuff delicates in your carry-on’s internal pockets, which can be quite inconvenient and unsanitary. The color- coded zippers let you know what’s in what, plus, they’re sheer, so you can easily spot what you need inside. 

This specific set comes with one extra-large bag for sneakers and accessories, two medium ones for delicates, and two small ones for silk pillowcases, socks, and stuffed animals. There are also options available with different sizes, colors, and even shapes, like these cyllandic bra bags

“Best laundry bags I have ever bought,” wrote one shopper who said they appreciate the bags’ tight mesh design and confirmed they don’t get caught on anything in the wash. “I washed a cotton poly blend dress folded in one with a regular load and was able to hang to dry with no wrinkles. These are super to separate socks and underwear, and no more lost socks. Win!”

Another person who previously had issues with washing their bras said, “These bags have been a total game changer!” They continued, “Even on [the] delicate [setting], my straps would wrap around and catch on the middle part and stretch them out. Well no more! You won't regret these bags.” The same reviewer also shared that they love how big the largest bag is—confirming it can fit their full-body apron and a bra together without a problem. 

Stop dealing with snagged clothes and undergarments. It’s time to upgrade your laundry day experience with this $9 set of Bagail mesh bags

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