The Iconic Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray Is My Favorite All-Season Skin Savior

Dry skin relief is just a spritz away.

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Avène Thermal Spring Water


I don’t take the hydration of my skin lightly. Once an oily-skinned teen; I now deal with combination skin which leaves everything but my t-zone endlessly parched. Moisturizing has become a sport, and most of the time, I just need a splash of liquid to revive and soothe my tight skin. I used to travel a lot for work, and one day, after an exhausting game of flight delays, I finally landed at my destination, only to discover my jawline was covered in unsightly and painful dry patches.

A coworker I was traveling with kindly came to the rescue with a mini bottle of the Avène Thermal Spring Water. I immediately understood why the facial mist had earned its place as a prestigious skincare staple. That night, I ordered a travel-friendly and full-sized bottle to come home to, and I haven’t ventured out without it since.

The mineral-rich skin savior is made with only two ingredients: thermal spring water bottled at the source and nitrogen, according to the brand. As it journeys through the Cévennes Mountains in the South of France, the water becomes organically infused with skin-loving ingredients like magnesium, calcium, silicates, and microflora. The neutral pH also contributes to maintaining balance and providing comfort to irritated skin.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

To buy: $19;

To use, you don’t need to shake the canister, just hold it upright and a few inches from your face to mist. The instructions say to wait a few minutes, then pat into your skin, but my face drinks this stuff right up in seconds.

Avène suggests using its Thermal Spring Water spray on all skin types to relieve sunburns and post-shaving irritations and to replenish moisture. It’s literally a splash of invigorating hydration at your fingertips. Keep it in your fridge to spritz on after an intense workout or routine yard work for an even greater refreshing boost.

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It is a multitasking powerhouse that I’ve quickly come to depend on; I keep a bottle at my desk for an extra dose of hydration throughout the work day, another on my nightstand to use before bed or for rapid alleviation after a weekly dermaplaning session, and a miniature bottle lives in my travel tote, so I never leave home without it. (Seriously, I failed to pack nice dress shoes for a work trip once or twice, but I’ve never forgotten my stash of Thermal Spring Water for any plane ride).

As someone who’s constantly testing out new skincare products, it’s nice to rely on a very basic and effective product like Avène’s Thermal Spring Water facial mist whenever my complexion cries out for moisture. Pick up a full-size bottle at Avène for $19 today.

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