Tula Karras headshot
Tula Karras headshot

Tula Karras

Tula Karras has been a writer and editor for over 30 years. She specializes in women's health, fitness, nutrition, psychology, beauty, and profile writing. She has held staff positions at Parents, Seventeen, WebMD, SELF and Good Housekeeping. She has also ghostwritten books for high-profile clients on health, activism and politics. From knitting together a long-form narrative to reporting hard-hitting news to building charticles, her passion and skill set lie in communicating ideas and telling stories in original, clear and engaging ways.

* Skin Cancer Foundation Award for "I'm a Derm and I Got Skin Cancer," Cosmo, 2017
* Hearst Editorial Excellence Award for "The #1 Gun Safety Question Every Mother Should Ask," Good Housekeeping, 2016
* Front Page and Clarion Award for "The Disorder Next Door," SELF Magazine, 2009
Speaking up can feel strange—disrespectful, even—but remember that your doctor has your best interests in mind. The goal is a frank, honest dialogue about your health.