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Sydney Baker headshot

Sydney Baker

Sydney Baker launched her writing career beside her job in international education during the early lockdown-days of 2020. As a frequent relocator, she has spent a combined three years abroad, in Australia, Canada, and most recently, Luxembourg. She is passionate about helping others realize their dreams, whether they involve travel, moving somewhere new, or staying put. In addition to her writing credits, which include Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping, Matador Network, (and more), she is the primary proofreader/editor for GerMarketing and Travel2Jordan.

Founder & Editor of Syd Bakes Travels
Head Editor for the Welcome2Jordan Travel Guide
Contributor at Fodor's Travel and Young Adventuress
Moving where cost of living is lower can save you money—but there can be hidden expenses you don't expect. Here's how to plan ahead and make sure your cost of living comparison is one where you win big.